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Chair's Message for September, 2016

August 30, 2016News Clip

At our August 10th meeting, we brought together a panel on “The Police and Our Communities of Color.”  Thanks to our organizers and the panelists for an excellent presentation and one that deserves more focus than one meeting.  Complete video can be seen on the West Seattle Blog.*  And as a follow-up, please see a link below regarding the August 15, 2016 hearing with presiding U.S. District Judge Robart.

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August Meeting Recap: Policing and Communities of Color

August 12, 2016News Clip

Our regular District meeting on Wednesday, August 10, explored the relationship between communities of color and our police and sheriff's departments.    The panel included Bobby Alexander, retired judge and Office of Professional Accountability auditor Anne Levinson, Seattle Community Police Commission executive director Fe Lopez, White Center Community Development Association executive director Sili Savusa, and King County Sheriff John Urquhart. The panel was moderated by our state committeeman Chris Porter.

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Swanky Cocktail Party Tickets Available for August 18th

August 5, 2016News Clip

King County Council member Joe McDermott and State Representative Eileen Cody are hosting the 34th District's annual "Swanky Cocktail Party" on Thursday, August 18, 5:00 to 7:00 PM, at the home of Eileen Cody and Tom Mitchell, 6714 - 38th Avenue SW. Join us for good political dialogue, election gossip, predictions for the general election and lots of fun!! Tickets are $50 each and you can buy them online here.

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Chair's Message for August, 2016

August 1, 2016News Clip

This is an historic time for our country. After electing and re-electing an African-American President, the Democratic Party has nominated a woman to run for the White House. I celebrated last night with my daughter and thought often of my mother. She was no Hillary Clinton fan when she was alive. She was fully on board with Barack Obama in 2008. She passed away right before she received her ballot and was unable to vote for him.

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Win the Legislature

July 29, 2016News Clip

It’s a BIG election year, with elections for President, US Senator, Governor, US Congress and many more. It is important that we Democrats win all of them.

It is my belief that control of the Washington State Legislature will have as much impact on our day to day lives as any of them. From funding education to providing incentives for clean energy, we need to control the Legislature. We have seen that nothing moves forward when the Republicans get into position to block, as they did two years ago.

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