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Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's Message for June, 2016

Last night in a home across the street from mine in High Point, a young person died from a self-inflicted gun-shot.  The police were here for hours, and still there when I went to bed at midnight.  I saw a woman on her porch being consoled by a police chaplain.  We heard sobbing from across the street and many neighbors stood outside the home in silence.  Candles were put in windows to show some small sign of sympathy. 

An unbidden memory came of a violent night when my parents’ marriage exploded.  I was 17 when I heard my mother scream my name in the middle of the night.  At a full run from my bedroom to theirs, I opened the door to find them in their bed with a gun in his hand.  Shaking his head, he calmly explained that he wasn’t going to shoot her but wanted her to put him out of his misery.  At 17, I learned what it meant to have ice run through your veins.  He left that night and I at such a young age was put in the role reversal of protecting my mother and younger sister.  There’s obviously more to this, including the mental illness he had and that he had been a former police officer.  Guns were always in our house and readily available.  He always told me never to touch his gun and I never did.  And I never have to this day.  I’m publicly for the first time speaking about this to ask you to please support Alliance for Gun Responsibility's Extreme Risk Protection Orders ballot initiative 1491.

Congratulations to Dinea Evans for winning a national delegate spot for Bernie Sanders and to Statecommitteman Chris Porter for being elected Elector at the 7th CD Democratic Caucus.  Our June 8th meeting will focus on our Olympia delegation:  Senator Sharon Nelson, Reps. Eileen Cody and Joe Fitzgibbon.  We will endorse candidates for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and any others that haven’t come up yet. Don’t forget to join us on June 7th at Drinking Liberally at 6:30 p.m. at Pizzeria 22.

Many thanks,

Marcee Stone-Vekich
Chair, 34th District Democrats