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Disqualification of Delegates from Chautauqua Precinct, Vashon

Vashon Island

At the 34th District Democrats' Legislative District Caucus on Sunday, April 17, delegates of the Chautauqua Precinct on Vashon Island were disqualified.  This post explains why.

The Captain who ran the precinct caucus on March 26 for the Chautauqua precinct did not turn in any information to the State Party about what happened or who was selected as delegates.  There were 15 other precincts in the 34th which had several problems and in the other 14 cases the problems were determined and the delegates seated.  When we contacted the captain from Chautauqua, he explained that he had made a mistake.  He conducted the caucus on March 26 and dismissed those who attended, then he realized they had not conducted an election for delegates. He looked around at the people who were still in the vicinity and asked them if they wanted to be delegates.  A few people volunteered but there was no written ballot and no vote in a subcaucus.  This method of selecting delegates is a clear violation of the rules, as, essentially, those who stayed after the end of the caucus were unilaterally selected by the precinct captain without an election.  Hence these unelected delegates were disqualified.

Posted April 18, 2016