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May 11 is Endorsements Meeting

Note from the Chair:

Our endorsement meeting is coming up soon.   Agenda is now posted on this website, but will be updated.  Be sure to check our bylaws and endorsement rules on the website here.

Please note that in order to vote at our May 11, 2016 endorsement meeting, you must have become a member by the end of our last meeting on April 13th.  Unless you were a member in 2015, then you can renew your membership and vote on May 11th

This means that if you became a member the day of the Legislative District Caucus on April 17, 2016, you will not be able to vote on May 11th.  By way of clarification: This rule wasn’t implemented to prevent new members from participating but as a way to prevent abuse by campaigns.  It prevents padding our membership at the 11th hour with campaign supporters whose sole purpose is to put their candidate or campaign issue over the top. 

If you became a new member since April 17, 2016, you will have voting membership status by our June 8th meeting where more endorsements will more than likely be considered.

Thank you for your cooperation.