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Win the Legislature

Les Treall

It’s a BIG election year, with elections for President, US Senator, Governor, US Congress and many more. It is important that we Democrats win all of them.

It is my belief that control of the Washington State Legislature will have as much impact on our day to day lives as any of them. From funding education to providing incentives for clean energy, we need to control the Legislature. We have seen that nothing moves forward when the Republicans get into position to block, as they did two years ago.

I have decided to focus my energy this year on winning back the Senate and holding and increasing our position in the House. Sen. Sharon Nelson and Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon have orchestrated the Dems efforts to recruit solid candidates across the state.  I have gotten a list of candidates in nearby LDs from them and I am rallying folks to go to other Legislative Districts to doorbell for Democratic candidates repeatedly until the November election. At this time, I have nine people enlisted to help, and we will choose which LD’s we will work in on August 3rd. If you are interested in helping, even if you can give just one day, please email me.  Also please plan to come to Uptown Espresso, just south of the West Seattle Junction, at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, August 3rd, to plan the doorbelling. The more we people we have the better chance we will have of making a difference.