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Swanky Cocktail Party Tickets Available for August 18th

August 5, 2016News Clip

King County Council member Joe McDermott and State Representative Eileen Cody are hosting the 34th District's annual "Swanky Cocktail Party" on Thursday, August 18, 5:00 to 7:00 PM, at the home of Eileen Cody and Tom Mitchell, 6714 - 38th Avenue SW. Join us for good political dialogue, election gossip, predictions for the general election and lots of fun!! Tickets are $50 each and you can buy them online here.

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Chair's Message for August, 2016

August 1, 2016News Clip

This is an historic time for our country. After electing and re-electing an African-American President, the Democratic Party has nominated a woman to run for the White House. I celebrated last night with my daughter and thought often of my mother. She was no Hillary Clinton fan when she was alive. She was fully on board with Barack Obama in 2008. She passed away right before she received her ballot and was unable to vote for him.

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Win the Legislature

July 29, 2016News Clip

It’s a BIG election year, with elections for President, US Senator, Governor, US Congress and many more. It is important that we Democrats win all of them.

It is my belief that control of the Washington State Legislature will have as much impact on our day to day lives as any of them. From funding education to providing incentives for clean energy, we need to control the Legislature. We have seen that nothing moves forward when the Republicans get into position to block, as they did two years ago.

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Primary Election is August 2nd - Vote!

July 25, 2016News Clip

You have your ballot, now you just need to mark it, vote and send it in.  Download a color flyer of our endorsements here, or see them all at the Endorsements web page here.

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Casino Night is Friday July 29th!

July 25, 2016News Clip

Our Annual Garden Party this year is a Casino Night on Friday, July 29th, at Duo's on Avalon Way, 6:00 - 9:00 PM, $50 per person.   More information is on the web page here, and you can buy tickets online here.

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34th Dems hear from Mayor Murray, do Endorsements

July 15, 2016News Clip

At our July 13th Meeting we heard from Mayor Ed Murray on a variety of topics including public safety, homelessness and transporation.   A number of members asked a variety of questions.  The West Seattle Blog recorded all of Murray's remarks and the Q&A.  You can see their report here.   We also endorsed the Sound Transit 3 Levy.

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Chair's Message for July, 2016

July 10, 2016News Clipby Chris Porter

The past 2 months have been an emotional rollercoaster for me and many others across the district and the country.  We just finished our presidential caucus and Senator Sanders won Washington State by a large margin.  As we continued our process of selecting delegates, our city council had a vote on vacating a street to facilitate building a new privately owned sports venue.  While some agreed with the decision to not grant the vacation, it was very disturbing and hurtful for the female council members, who all voted against it, to receive such hateful, vitriolic, and threatening emails.

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PCO Training on Thursday, July 7

June 27, 2016News Clip

PCO Training for Primary election will be held on July 7th!

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Mayor Ed Murray Joins our July 13 Meeting

June 26, 2016News Clip

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray joins our July 13th District meeting.   We will also consider endorsements on Initiative 124 and Sound Transit 3.  See the meeting agenda page for a detailed agenda. The July newsletter is also online here, and minutes of the June meeting are also online.

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Contested Races for PCO

June 13, 2016News Clip

The August 2nd primary election will include a number of contested races for precinct committee officer in the 34th District.   Here is a list of those contested races and who has filed for them.   This news item will be updated in a few days with a complete list of everyone who has filed for PCO, including the ones which are not contested.

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