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Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's Message for June, 2016

May 27, 2016News Clip

Last night in a home across the street from mine in High Point, a young person died from a self-inflicted gun-shot.  The police were here for hours, and still there when I went to bed at midnight.  I saw a woman on her porch being consoled by a police chaplain.  We heard sobbing from across the street and many neighbors stood outside the home in silence.  Candles were put in windows to show some small sign of sympathy. 

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New Endorsements!

May 14, 2016News Clipfrom the May 11 District Meeting

Additional endorsements will be considered at the June 8 District Meeting:

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May 11 is Endorsements Meeting

April 28, 2016News Clip

Note from the Chair:

Our endorsement meeting is coming up soon.   Agenda is now posted on this website, but will be updated.  Be sure to check our bylaws and endorsement rules on the website here.

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Time to File and Run for Precinct Committee Officer (PCO)

April 26, 2016News Clip

Every two years, the elected structure of local Democratic Party dissolves and reforms itself. In December, the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC) will hold a reorganization meeting and elect a new board of officers.* At our January meeting, the 34th District Democrats will hold our reorganization meeting and elect a new Chair and Executive Board.  If you are an elected PCO, you will receive an “Official Call” to attend these meetings. Elected PCOs, and ONLY ELECTED PCOs, get to vote in these elections. 

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Disqualification of Delegates from Chautauqua Precinct, Vashon

April 19, 2016News Clip

At the 34th District Democrats' Legislative District Caucus on Sunday, April 17, delegates of the Chautauqua Precinct on Vashon Island were disqualified.  This post explains why.

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Final Delegate Lists

April 19, 2016News Clip

Here are the final lists of delegates and alternates elected at the April 17th 34th District Democrats Caucus for Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton (click on the links for PDFs).  These lists are posted as of Saturday, April 23, and have some spellling corrections from previous lists.

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Frustrations and the Legislative District Caucus

April 18, 2016News Clip

Tonight, Sunday, April 17, was an exhilarating and frustrating night for many Democrats in the State of Washington.  Exhilarating as a thousand caucus-goers showed up at West Seattle High School to caucus for their candidate, either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.  But frustrating in many ways because registration was slow, the process was convoluted, and the caucus went on for over 8 hours.   In this posting, I'll try to explain some of the problems, but some of the issues are still unknown and unresolved.

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Call to Legislative Caucus on April 17

April 5, 2016News Clip

34th Legislative District Caucus is Sunday April 17, 2016.  Here is the official call with details (PDF). Agenda and Rules governing the caucus are here (PDF).

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Chair Marcee Stone-Vekich's Message for April, 2016

March 31, 2016News Clip

Together we gathered to choose a Democratic nominee for President of the United States. 12,000 strong! The votes for delegates were approximately 70% for Sanders and 30% for Clinton. Neighbors were engaged with each other and passions were strong. Not a single person was removed for being disagreeable. Not a single ID was checked in order to participate. There were cheers for candidates and no jeers at anyone. How different is this from a Trump rally?

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Caucus Results

March 27, 2016News Clip

Caucus at Fairmount SchoolStatewide Bernie Sanders received 19,159 delegates and Hillary Clinton 7,140 with 46 uncommitted.  In King County 6,704 delgates are pledged to Sanders and 3,246 to Clinton with 12 uncommitted.  Statewide results are here.  The next stage in the Caucus process is the legislative district caucus on April 17.

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