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New Executive Board Takes Office

January 12, 2017News Clip

At our January 11, 2017, meeting we elected the following new officers for the 34th District Democrats:

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January 2017 District Party Reorganization

December 17, 2016News Clip

Every two years the Democratic Party reorganizes, which means we elect new officers for the Legislative District, County and State Party organizations.  The reorganization of the 34th District Democrats will occur at our regular meeting of January 11, 2017, at the Hall at Fauntleroy.  The agenda for that meeting is now posted here.  Some members have already announced their candidacies for 34th Dems offices.

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How Can I Help?

December 8, 2016News Clip

How can I help?  The election of 2016 is a wake-up call for the Democratic Party and every progressive in America.  The next four years - especially the next two years - will see a rollback of many of the progressive programs developed and implemented over the past 40 years.  How can you help?   What can you do to change the outcome of future elections, and take back America from the billionaire alt-right people who have kidnapped it?

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Chair's Report for December, 2016

November 29, 2016News Clip

On this day after Thanksgiving, I feel thankful for the honor to have led the 34th District Democrats.  Challenging and rewarding to be sure but the 34th Dems’ work is far from done.  Now, more than ever, we need to re-commit to fight actual evil poised to lead our country to ruin. Abuse of power in our nation is not new but the hubris of this newly-elected President is unparalleled and should challenge us to action.

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Democratic Party Reorganizations.

November 14, 2016News Clip

Every two years after the general election is certified, the Democratic Party reorganizes.   That means we elect new leaders for our legislative district, county and statewide organizations.   All Precinct Committee Officers elected in August, 2016, can vote in these important organizational elections.   The King County Democrats will meet and reorganize on Sunday, December 4, at Noon.  Details are on the King County Democrats' website here.   The 34th Legislative District Democrats will reorganize on January 11, 2017.

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