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About the 34th's Organization

Updated November 23, 2014

The 34th District Democrats are organized as follows:

  • Elected Officials represent our District in city, county, state and other governments.
  • Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) are the backbone of the organization.  The 34th District is composed of over 200 individual precincts, each a few blocks in size.  Each precinct has an elected or appointed PCO who maintains contact with voters in the precinct, conveying the Democratic Party's message.
  • Every two years, in the August Primary, PCOs are elected or re-elected in each precinct.  The following January they meet to elect a new Chair for the 34th District Democrats, as well as other officers.  The most recent election is August, 2014 with officer elections in January, 2015.
  • The Executive Board are the elected officers and appointed committee chairs of the Organization.   See the complete list under the "Contact Us" tab.
  • Committees perform the work of the organization in a variety of areas such as Diversity, Outreach, Legislative Action and more.
  • We govern our organization through our by-laws and rules, which are below. 


Each major committee has its own Committee page - you can get to them from the menu above, "Organization".  We'll try to put documents, meeting minutes and similiar information on these pages. See the calendar at right or the calendar page for upcoming committee meetings. Contact the chair of each committee for more information or to get involved.

•   By-Laws - Brian Earl - 935-3731
•   Diversity - Aileen Sison - 206.747.0802
•   Finance - Walter Sive - 933-7577
•   Fund-Raising - Carol Frillman
•   Legislative Action - Tamsen Spengler - 932-2772
•   Membership - Joy Pakulak - 206.935-4750
•   Outreach - Steve Butts - 206.935.0798
•   PCO Committee - Les Treall - 206.948.5423

By-Laws and Rules

The present version of the by-laws was passed by the membership at our November 13, 2013 meeting, and other materials are here:

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