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Executive Board

Updated February 16, 2015

The 34th District Democrats is the official organization of the Democratic Party in West Seattle, White Center (North Highline), Burien, Vashon and Maury Island.   All elected Democratic Precinct Committee Officers (PCO's) are automatically members of the 34th District Democratic Organization. Anyone else who identifies themselves as a Democrat is welcome to join. See the Join page for details on how to join. A listing of all members and all PCO's is also on this site. See the monthly agenda page for the program of next month's meeting.  See also:

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the elected officers of the Organization, the appointed committee chairs, and other individuals as specified in the by-laws.  The Executive Board meets once a month - meeting dates are on the calendar page. All members are welcome to attend Executive Board meetings. Minutes of Executive Board meetings can be found on this page.  An election for new officers was held on January 14, 2015.  The Executive Board for 2015-2016 is below.

Elected Officers

Committee Chairs


Each major committee has its own Committee page - you can get to them from the "Organization" menu above. We'll try to put documents, meeting minutes and similiar information on these pages. See the calendar page for upcoming committee meetings. Contact the chair of each committee for more information or to get involved.

•   By-Laws - Brian Earl - 935-3731 and  Steve Karbowski
•   Diversity - Lois Schipper
•   Finance - Open
•   Fund-Raising - Open
•   Legislative Action - Tamsen Spengler - 932-2772
•   Membership - Joy Pakulak - 206.935-4750
•   Outreach - Steve Butts - 206.935.0798
•   PCO Committee - Les Treall - 206.948.5423

By-Laws and Rules

The present version of the by-laws was passed by the membership at our November 13, 2013 meeting, and other materials are here:

Executive Board Photos

Executive Board 2015
34th District Democrats Executive Board, February 11, 2015:
Joy Pakulak, Jackie Dupras in front of Mike Heavey, Lisa Plymate in front of Les Treall, Brianna Thomas in front of Chris Langeler, Ted Barker, Marcee Stone-Vekich, Karen Chilcutt, Kathyrn Sprigg and Carol Frillman in front of Chris Porter, Martha Koester, Richard Bartlett, Steve Butts and Alan Munro. Photo by Bill Schrier.
Ted Barker Carol Frillman
Marcee Stone, Chair Ted Barker, First Vice-Chair Carol Frillman, Second Vice-Chair
Karen Chilcutt, Treasurer Kathryn Sprigg, Secretary Lisa Plymate, State Committeewoman
Chris Porter
Chris Porter, State Committeeman Martha Koester,
King County Committeewoman
Steve Butts,
King County Committeeman
Lois Schipper Chris Langeler
Lois Schipper, Diversity Chair Brianna Thomas, King County
Committeewoman Alternate
Chris Langeler, King County
Committeeman Alternate
Les Treall, PCO Committee Chair Joy Pakulak, Membership Chair Tamsen Spengler,
Legislative Action Committee Chair
Steve Karbowski Steve Butts
Steve Karbowski, By-Laws Co-Chair Brian Earl, By-Laws Co-Chair Steve Butts, Outreach Chair
Mike Heavey    
Mike Heavey, Hospitality Chair TBD, Fundraising Chair TBD, Finance Committee Chair
  Bill Schrier Jackie Dupras
Mike Parker, Communications Chair Bill Schrier, Web Editor Jackie Dupras, Newsletter Editor

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